Rangjyrteh Trek

Rangjyrteh was a famous village under the Syiem of Sohra (Sohra Syiemship). It is located near the famous Dainthlen Falls, near Laitduh villages, under Sohra Syiemship, Sohra Civil Sub Division, East Khasi Hills. Rangjyrteh is emotionally link with the famous Nohkalikai falls of Meghalaya, as Likai the lady who is associated with the fall hails from this village. Today however Rangjyrteh is remembered as the famous centre of indigenous iron ore smelting in the 17th century. Remnants of iron kilns could be found in and around Rangjyrteh complex still today. Iron ore and refined iron was exported to Sylhet, Bangladesh from Rangjyrteh. Traces of iron smelting activities are still available in Rangjyrteh.

Sohkhmie Trek

Sohkhmie Village lies about 15-20 feet downwards from Kutmadan Village. Kutmadan is about 4km from Sohra Market. For reaching Sohkhmie we have to travel down the steepy way through the numerous steps. A short trek though, there is a river down the village known as wah Lyngngam famous among the locals for fishing. The way to the river is not an easy-reached route .

David Scott Trek

Breathtakingly beautiful with dense jungles against the low range of hills is one of the most popular trekking routes also known as the old mule track marked by David Scott, a British Administrator, political agent to the British Raj (1802-1832) in the Khasi Hills and the surrounding low-lying areas, traditionally used by people to travel from Mawphlang to present day Bangladesh. Its a 5 and a half hour trek through hills and forests of the Mawphlang block of Shillong.

Adventure Tourism pictures contributed by Alan West