Mawmluh Cave

One of the longest cave in Indian Sub Continent, it stretches for about 4,500 meters. This cave was locally known as Krem Mawmluh . This cave lies to the southeast of the MCCL Cement factory.

Mawsmai Cave

Located at Mawsmai village , its about 6 km south from Sohra Market. In Sohra, Mawsmai cave is the only lighted cave so far. Bats are commonly found in the Caves and crustacean of various size can be also found .

Krem Lawshynna ( Lawshynna Cave)

This is located at Pdengshnong forest area diverging to the left of the entrance road to Sohra. This cave is locally known as Krem Lawshynna. It is about 3½ Km from the Sohra Market.