Role and function :

Bholaganj Land Customs Station was appointed way back in 1948 under the provisions odf the erswhile Land Customs Act, 1992 to facil;otate trade (Import/Export) through this International border area betweeen India and East Paki8stan (now Bangladesh) and subsequently notified daclared in 1994 as Land Customs Station under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962 with 07 (seven) authorised routes for movements of export/import goods. Out of these seven routes, only two routes viz; (1) P.W.D briddle path from bholaganj (India) to Compabyganj (Sylhet, Bangladesh) and (ii) Komorrah (India) - Chhattak (Sonamganj, Bangladesh) Ropeway, are functional at present and only export is taking place through these routes. The major items of export through this station are Limestone and Boulder stone and a little quantity of Coal. As of now, no import has taken place through this L.C Station.

This Land Custom Station is located at the extreme southern part of East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya bordering Bangladesh and is approximately 109 Km from Shillong. The station falls under the administrative jurisdiction of Shillong Customs Preventive Division of Customns Preventive Commissionerate, North Eastern Region, Shillong. The primary Customs related functions of this station, interia, include the following

  1. (i) Levy and colllectin of Customs duties on imports and exports as per basic Customs laws;
  2. (ii) Assessment, examination and clearance of imported/export goods;
  3. (iii) Enforcement of border control on goods and conveyances;
  4. (iv) Discharge of agency functions and enforcing prohibitions and restrictions on imports and exports under various legal enactments;
  5. (v) Prevention of Smuggling including interdiction of narcotics drug trafficking ;
  6. (vi) Implementation of export promotion measures etc.

Organisational setup :

Bholaganj Land Customs Station is one of the base level field formations of Shillong Customs Preventive Division of Customs Preventive Commissionerate, NER, Shillong under the administrative jurisdiction of the Chief Commissionerate of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax, Shillong Zone, Shillong. It’s a unit of Central Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue. Contact address, Tel. No. & email of the different offices, in ascending hierarchy, is furnished hereunder:

  1. (i) Bholaganj Land Customs Station:
  2. Address : Office of the Superintendent of Customs, Bholaganj Land Customs Station, Bholaganj,
    East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya – 793107.
    Mobile No. of Superintendent : 9856001913.
    Email ID : bholaganjlcs(at)gmail[dot]com

  3. (ii) Shillong Customs Preventive Division:

    Address : Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Shillong Customs (Preventive) Division,
    Crescens Building, 2nd Floor, M.G. Road, Shillong, Meghalaya – 793001.
    Telephone Nos. : 0364-2503785.
    Email ID : cusdivshg(at)gmail[dot]com

  4. (iii) Customs Preventive Commissionerate, NER, Shillong

    Address : Office of the Commissioner of Customs (Preventive), North Eastern Region, ‘
    Custom House’, 110 M.G. Road, Shillong, Meghalaya – 793001.
    Telephone Nos. : 0364-2222597/2225325/2229005.
    Fax : 0364-2223440/2229007
    Email ID : cusshg(at)sancharnet[dot]in

  5. (iv) Chief Commissionerate of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax, Shillong Zone

    Address : Office of the Chief Commissioner, Central Excise,
    Customs & Service Tax, Shillong Zone, North Eastern Region,
    Crescens Building, 3rd Floor, M.G. Road, Shillong, Meghalaya – 793001.
    Telephone Nos. : 0364-2500131/2502052.
    Fax : 0364-2224747/2502047/2504498.
    Email ID : ccshillo(at)excise[dot]nic[dot]in

Citizen Centric Services/Information :

The primary function of Customs formations is to levy and collect Customs duties on import/export of goods into and out of the countries. These duties constitute a significant portion of the national exchequer in the form of indirect tax revenue and thus this office/department makes an enormous contribution towards upholding the economic security & sovereignty of the country and its citizen in general. Apart from the above, this department extend services to the international passengers entering or leaving the country by clearing their baggages, assisting right holders in protecting their intellectual rights, it protects the historical treasures of the country such as antiques etc. from being smuggled out of the country, protecting the society from the evil affects of drug abuse by preventing smuggling and combating drug trafficking, efforts are being made to simplify the customs procedures for easy compliance by the trade, efforts are also being made to enhance use of Information Technology in all work areas of Customs so as to enable the trade to have IT bases information about the department. To summarize the services, vision, values etc. of the department, the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC), which is the administrative authority for Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax in India, has published a “CITIZENS’ CHARTER” which is a declaration of this department’s vision, values and standards to achieve excellence in the formulations and implementations of Central Excise, Service Tax and enforcement of cross border controls for the benefit of trade, industry and citizen of the country. For details please visit CBEC’s website at www[dot]cbec[dot]gov[dot]in. For further assistance and information about this office, the Public Relation Officer (Hqrs) may be contacted at the


O/o the Commissioner of Customs (Prev), NER,
‘Custom House’, 110 M.G. Road, Shillong – 01.
Telephone No. : 0364-2504534/22210103.

Major project and schemes :


As of now, no major project or any scheme has been undertaken or proposed by this office. However, State government would like to take up infrastructural development of this station for growth and development of trade i.e. import/export through this station for which land is required to be procured. Moreover , this office is presently functioning from a temporary pre-fabricated structure on a leased plot of land. As a permanent office building and residential accomodation cannot be constructed on the said leased land, the hon'ble Syiem of Sohra Syiemship has been requested for outright purchase of the same wherein a reply is still awaited.


Reports / Publications



Press releases/ Announcement



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Govt. tenders etc.


No such govt. tender are being called by this office.

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