Sohra (Cherrapunjee)
Location 25° 30' N and 91° 70' E
Established 1982 (View Notification)
District East Khasi Hills
Sub-Division jurisdiction North - Umtyngngar
South - Shella - Majai
East - Nongjri-Umniuh
West - Laitkynsew - Nongwar
Developmental Blocks

a) Shella-Bholaganj C & RD Block and

b) Khatarshnong-Laitkroh C & RD Block

Villages , Syiemship  And Sirdarships under Sohra Administrative Unit Sohra (syiemship Excluding Mawspong, Dewkher, and Diengdat Villages) , Shella Wahadadarship,  Nonglyngkien Sirdarship, Tynrong Sirdarship, Nongriat Sirdarship, Ramdait Sirdarship, Nonglait Sirdarship, Sinai Mawshynrut Sirdarship, Synnei Sirdarship, Nongshluid Sirdarship, Mawbeh Sirdarship, Mawlong Sirdarship, Mawmluh Sirdarship, Byrong Sirdarship, Mawsmai Sirdarship, Mawthang Sohkhyllung Sirdarship, Nongjri Sirdarship,Nongbah sirdarship, Saitsohpen Sirdarship, Sohbar Sirdarship, Nongkroh Sirdarship, Tyrna Sirdarship, Mynteng Sirdarship Nonglwai (Kukon) Sirdarship, Laitkynsew and Sohrarim Villages of Nongkhlaw Sirdarship.
Elevation 1484 m (4869 ft.)
Population density 375 per km² (2001), 397 per km² (2011)
a) Male Population 49% (2011)
b) Female Population 51% (2011)
Literacy rate 74% (2011)
Language Khasi
Constituentcy 2 nos., 26-Shella (ST) and 28-Sohra (ST) Assembly Constituentcy

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