About :

The Executive Court, Sohra is one of the administrative unit in the office of the Sub Divisional Officer (C) Office. The function of the branch is more regulatory and statutory. It functions under the control of the Sub Divisional Officer (C).

Functions and Duties :

The Branch deals with complaints/disputes and any legal actions/activities/individually/party etc. However, in matter of Court cases, the branch deals only with Non FIR Cases and Executive Powers as conferred to the SDO (C) but other Criminal Cases and Civil Cases has been transferred to the Judicial Magistrate First Class, Sohra since the separation of the Judiciary from the Executive.

Employees :


Sl. Name Designation Contact No. Address
1. Shri. Ankit Kumar Singh, IAS Sub Divisional Officer (C) 9725136544 Sohra
2. Shri. Nipon Hajong, MCS E.A.C 9436730762 Sohra
3. Shri. G. Warjri, MCS E.A.C
4. Smti. G. Wahlang L.D.A. 8014357595 Sohra

About :

The Excise Branch is one of the organizations in the administration set up of the Office of the Sub Divisional Officer Civil Sub Division, Sohra. The function of the Branch is under the Sub Divisional Officer Civil Sub Division, Sohra East Khasi Hills District. The Excise Branch has been notified as Public Authority under its Administrative Control namely- Sub Divisional Officer (Excise) Sohra Civil Sub Division, Sohra.

Functions and Duties :

The main function of the Excise Branch lies in detection of Excise Cases. Prosecution of Cases Collection of Revenue from IMFL and processing of new license and renewal thereof. The Branch sees to the paper work and processes the report submitted by the Inspector in respect of case detection/inquires attending to public complaints of taking immediate actions. In respect of revenue collection, accounts and maintain on monthly reports and submitted to the Head of Department. The process of decision making starts with the matter being put up by the Assistant of the Branch to the next higher authority. The Controlling Officer who is the Sub Divisional Officer (Excise) Sohra Civil Sub Division, Sohra takes the final decision. Procedurally, the process of decision starts with the perusal of Dak by the Inspector of Excise and his endorsement therein. The case is processed further by the staff of the Branch and putting it up hierarchically to higher authority for final order. The Excise Branch is purely regulatory in nature and relevant provisions of law are strictly adhered to. Guidelines of the Government issued from time to time are being followed meticulously.

Employees :


Sl. Name Designation Contact No. Address
1. Shri. Ankit Kumar Singh, IAS Sub-Divisional Officer (Ex) 9725136544 Sohra
2. Shri. E. Roy Wanswett Inspector of Excise 9436116696 Sohra
3. Vacant Asstt. Inspector of Excise - -
4. Shri. L. Shabong L.D.A. 9615539451 Mawkisyiem, Sohra.
5. Shri. M. Lyngdoh Head Constable 8014390521 Sohra
6. Shri. T. Toi Constable Excise 9436178359 Sohra
7. Smti. G. Syiem Constable Excise 8794606958 Sohra
8. Shri. S. Lato Constable Excise 9863125878 Sohra
9. Shri. S. Ranee Constable Excise 8794088014 Sohra
10. Vacant Constable Excise    

About :

The Nazarat Branch is one of the amalgamated Branches in the office of t he Sub Divisional Officer Civil Sub Division Sohra. Access to information under the Public Authority in Order to promote transparency accountability in the works of every public authority.

Functions and Duties :

The main concern of the Nazarat Branch is pertaining to matters relating to the maintenance of the office building and Cherra Circuit House, Sohra, Maintenance of office Vehicles , Accounts matters and payment of Bills etc. The Nazarat Branch also deals with bills pertaining to Electricity, Telephone and ContingencyBills including maintenance of Office Building, Office Vehicles and Cherra Circuit House. Arrangement for seeking public participation is also part of its functions.

Employees :


Sl. Name Designation Contact No. Address
1. Shri. Ankit Kumar Singh, IAS Sub-Divisional Officer (C) 9725136544 Sohra
2. Smti. P. Nongrum UDA as Nazir 8794010472Saitsohpen, Sohra
3. Shri. K. Kharakor LDA 9774567322 Sohra
4. Shri. B. Sawian Peon 9612106228



About :

Election Office is one of the organizations in the Set up of the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, but at the district / sub-district level the functioning of the Election Office is more of regulatory and statutory. It functions under the superintendence, directions and control of the District Election Officer.

Functions and Duties :

Election office is listed as one of the statutory establishment in the district. Conduct of free and fair Elections and error free Electoral Rolls continue to remain the primary and priority areas of the Branch. Following announcement of revision schedules, public are periodically informed of the programmes of the revision of Electoral Rolls through press release, advertisements with which the public are called upon to :

  • Claim for the inclusion of a name in the roll and
  • Object to an entry therein, which is subject to eligibility as laid down in the Law
  • Correction of particulars
  • Transposition of names

Organizational Setup :

Employees :

Sl. Name Designation Contact No. Address
1. Shri Ankit Kumar Singh, I.A.S. Electoral Registration Officer &
Returning Officer
26-Shella A/C &
28-Sohra A/C
9725136544 Sohra
2. Shri.G.Warjri, M.C.S. Extra Asstt. Commissioner 9436335306 Sohra
3. Shri. Alexander Mukhim, M.C.S.
Astt.ERO 26-Shella A/C & Block Development Officer, Shella Bholaganj C. & R. D. Block. 9862261834 Sohra
4. Smti. E. Warjri, MCS Astt. ERO 28-Sohra A/C &
B.D.O. Latkroh-Khatarshnong
C & RD Block
9856018274 Sohra
5. Shri. C.J. Kharshiing Astt. System Engineer 9856041803Sohra
6. Smti. P. Surong U.D.A. 8794237658Saitsohpen, Sohra
7. Shri. J. J. Nongkynrih L.D.A. 9856588339

Maraikaphon, Sohra

8. Shri. B.D. Rani L.D.A. 9774555902 Sohra
9. Shri. G. Marpna Data Entry Operator 8014810310


10. Shri. E. Warjri Senior Enumerator 8014563146 Maraikaphon, Sohra
11. Shri. N. P. Mawlong Enumerator (Officiating) 8258071319 Sohra
12. Shri. B. Khongphai Process Server 9862092001

Saitsohpen, Sohra

13. Smti. B.L. Nonglait Peon 8014273170Pomsohmen, Sohra
14. Smti. B.R. Dkhar Peon 9862673619 Sohra


Programs held :


About :

The Estabishment Branch is part of the amalgamted branches in the O/o The Sub-Divisional Officer (C). It is primarily responsible to analyse the working conditions under which govt. servants, branches / departments operate, i.e. the financial, physical, material and human resources available to carry out their functions. In short, the branch is responsible for the coordination of general organization and management development activities in the Public Service achievable by implementation of a) Meghalaya F.R & S.R 1984. b) Meghalaya Civil Pension Rules 1983 c) Government Office Memorandum NO. PER(AR)154/78/147, dt.11.12.1984 and NO.PER(AR)154/78/157, dt. 30.11.1985 for employment on compassionate ground to the next of kin of the Government Servant while in service was abolish by Government vide office memorandum No._____________________, d) A.S. (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1964 as adapted by the Government of Meghalaya.

Functions and Duties :

The Sub Divisional Officer (C) is the Head of the Sub Division and is the Controlling Officer of all the branches of the Sub Division. He is empowered to delegate subject as per the restriction and condition prescribed by Rules and his power to any persons appointed by Govt.to assist him in the day to day work. To oversee the functioning of the office as a whole under his control including the duties and responsibilities of Subordinate officers, Staff for public authority and to exercise the power as may be delegated to him by Act/Rules. Extra Assistant Commissioner(s) is/are appointed by the Government to assist the Sub Divisional Officer (C) regarding matter related to the office administration and any other works delegated.

Employees :


Sl. Name Designation Contact No. Address
1. Shri. Ankit Kumar Singh, IAS Sub-Divisional Officer (C) 9725136544 Sohra
2. Shri Nipon Hajong, MCS E. A. C. 9436730762 Sohra
3. Shri.G.Warjri, M.C.S. E. A. C. 9436335306 Sohra
4. Smti.Jacinta M. Umdor, MCS E. A. C. 9863100010 Sohra
5. Smt. D. Diengdoh H.A. 8575905853 Saitsohpen, Sohra
6. Smt. S.K. Hujon U.D.A. 9436310986 Saitsohpen, Sohra
7. Shri. A. Byrnia U.D.A. 8014422974 Pdengshnong, Sohra.
8. Smt. Q.M. Chyne U.D.A. 8794190132 Saitsohpen, Sohra
9. Shri. J. D. Sohtun L.D.A. 8794854391 Pdengshnong, Sohra.
10. Vacant Post (1 no.) L.D.A. - -
11. Shri. S. Diengdoh Head Process Server 8575028256 Saitsohpen, Sohra
12. Shri. B. Phanbuh Process Server   Khliehshnong, Sohra.
13. Shri. D. Diengdoh Process Server   Saitsohpen, Sohra
14. Smti. R. Nongbri Peon  

Pdengshnong, Sohra.

15. Smti. P. Kharmaw Peon  

Maraikaphon, Sohra.

16. Smti. D. Riahtam Peon  

Saitsohpen, Sohra.

17. Smti. P. Lyngdoh. Cleaner  

Saitsohpen, Sohra.

18. Shri. N. Riahtam Mali  

Nongsawlia, Sohra

19. Shri. B. Suting Sweeper  


20. Smti. G. Lyngdoh Chowkidar   Mawphlang, E.K. Hills
21. Shri. R. F. Diengdoh Driver   Saitsohpen, Sohra.
22. Shri. W. Khongrymmai Driver   Pdengshnong

About :

The Registration Branch is one of the administrative unit in the office of the Sub Divisional Officer (C) Office. The function of the branch is more regulatory and statutory. It functions under the control of the Sub Divisional Officer (C).


Functions and Duties :
  1. The Registration Branch is responsible for registration of documents like Mining Lease, Deed of Declaration, Lease Deed, Sale Deed and many others documents as per Regulation under the Indian Registration Act, 1908.

  2. The Registration Branch is also responsible for the Registration of Marriage and others as per the regulation Under Section 3 of the Special Marriage Act, 1954 and Under Section 4 of the Meghalaya Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, 2012. (Act No. 13 of 2012).

  3. The Sub Divisional Officer (C), Sohra is the Sub Registrar / Marriage Officer / Marriage Registrar and is the controlling Officer of the branch. The Extra Assistant Commissioner also functions as Sub Ordinate Officer responsible for examining all documents related for Registration.

Employees :


Sl. Name Designation Contact No. Address
1. Shri. Ankit Kumar Singh, IAS Sub-Divisional Officer (C) 9725136544 Sohra
2. Shri Nipon Hajong, MCS E. A. C. 9436730762 Sohra
3. Shri.G.Warjri, M.C.S. E.A.C. 9436335306 Sohra
4. Smti.Jacinta M. Umdor, MCS E. A. C. 9863100010 Sohra
5. Shri. H.R. Warjri L.D.A 9862190185 Sohra
4. Smti. W. Sohlang Peon 9615399057Sohra

About :

The Supply Branch is one of the Administration Organization in the Administration set up of the Sub-Divisional Officer(C) Office.

Functions and Duties :

The function of the Supply Branch is to streamline functioning of the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) for ensuring food security to the Targeted groups of families living Below the Poverty Line (BPL). To inform and impart knowledge to the general public on the consumers rights, the redressal bodies to settle the consumer’s disputes.

The Department of Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, in its endeavour to reach and serve the people of the State, has come up with many innovative and technological initiatives. It is the overall objective of the Department to bring about transparency in the Public distribution System (PDS).

National Food Security Act 2013 :

The Act provides subsidized food grains to approximately two third of the State population. Entitlement and Prices of foodgrains under NFSA:

A. Priority households will be entitled to 5 kg. of foodgrains per person per month at a. Rs. 3 per Kg for rice. b. Rs. 2 per kg for wheat and c. Rs. 1 per kg coarse grains.

B. For AAY scheme, each family is entitled to 35 Kg per month at the same rates as above.

Foodgrain Allocation under NFSA:

The foodgrain allocation under NFSA has been received by the Department from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution, Govt. of India. The allotment is generated on a monthly basis and is allocated to all DCs and SDOs.

Villages covered under NFSA 2013 :

Out of the total 6465 villages from the SECC 2011 database, 6427 villages are covered under NFSA 2013. Some villages (38 No.s) did not fall under NFSA 2013. The reason is because the inhabitants of those villages are well-off and are excluded based on the Exclusion Parameters.

Identification of Households:

The list of beneficiaries identified under NFSA 2013 is taken from the Socio Economic & Caste Census (SECC) 2011 database by applying Exclusion Parameters. The Exclusion Parameters are different for Rural and Urban areas. For urban areas, Exclusion Parameters are taken from the Report of the Hashim Committee submitted to the Planning Commission in December 2012. For the rural areas, the Exclusion Parameters are taken from the Socio Economic & Caste Census Booklet for indentifying the Below Poverty Line in rural Areas issued by the Ministry of Rural development in July, 2011.

Women Empowerment:

The eldest woman of eighteen years of age or above will be head of the households for issue of ration card, and if not available, the eldest male members is to be the Head of the household.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

a. Tollfree Number 1967 is in place for citizens to lodge complaints or to find out information about the department. b. Citizens can also lodge their complaints online via Meghalaya Public Grievance Redressal & Monitoring System (megPGRAMS). The website is www.megpgrams.go.in) c. To address complaints from citizens the Department has identified Grievance Redressal Officers and Assistant Grievance Redressal officers at each District and Sub Division. d. An independent three-tier mechanism- District Grievance Redressal Officer (DGRO), State Food Commission and National Food Commission- to redress grievances relating to delivery of entitlement and related issues.

The Act provides for penalty to be imposed on Public servants or authority, by the State and National Food Commission if found guilty of failing to comply with the relief recommended by the District Grievance Redressal Officer (DGRO).

Population Coverage :

The population coverage is 50.87% for Urban and 77.79% for Rural. For Rural areas, the number of beneficiaries are 18,45,542 and for the Urban areas, the number of beneficiaries are 3,03,485. The total population coverage is 21,49,027.

Data of eligible beneficiaries as per NFSA has already been digitized and is available at

It also implements the Welfare Scheme for SC/ST Hostellers and Vocational Training Centers and Supply of S.K. Oil at a subsidized rate to all the families in the Sub Division. To ensure the transparency and accountability in the system, Vigilance Committees has been constituted at the Fair Price Shops level.

Employees :


Sl. Name Designation Contact No. Address
1. Shri. Ankit Kumar Singh, IAS Sub-Divisional Officer (C) 9725136544 Shillong
2. Shri.M.Bareh Superintendent of Supply 9615369604 Shillong
3. Smti. F. Synnah Sub Inspector of Supply 9863366401  
4. Smti. Z. Kharkongor Sub Inspector of Supply   Shillong
5. Shri. A. Wahlang Accountant 9863254095 Shillong
6. Shri. L.Shabong L.D.Asstt 9615539451 Mawkisyiem
7. Shri. E.S.Dkhar L.D.Asstt 9856959695 Shillong
8. Shri. R. Kharkongor Peon   Sohra
9 Smti. D. Riahtam Peon   Saitsohpen, Sohra


List of govt. wholesale dealers and the wholesale centre :

Foodgrains :

      M/s. J. Nongkynrih, Sohra

    M/s. P. Swer, Sohra.

    M/s. B. Laitthma, Mawkdok.

    M/s. B. Nikhla, Mawkdok.

    M/s. K. Laitmon, Shella

    M/s. K. Nongbri, Shella

    M/s. D. Lanong, Laitryngew.

    M/s. I. Japang, Ladsohbar.

Name of S.K.Oil Agency :

  1. M/S. Ashok Auto Traders, Sohra

At a glance :

  1. No. Of fair price shop - 84 nos.
  2. No. of A.A.Y Families - 7731 nos
  3. No. of PHH Families - 9563 Nos
  4. No. of Non-NFSA families – 2526

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